Tips to Defend for Transgender People

Nowadays, transgender people are more and more common, but there are still many people who are biased against them. Here are some tips you can use when defending for your transgender friends or partner that you are trans dating with. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and does not contain all the right things to do or to say, because there is usually no standard answer for every situation you may confront. After you find a partner on a trans app or when you become friend with transgender people and are willing to guard them, your actions will help change culture and make society a better and more comfortable place for all trans people.

You can’t judge whether a person is a transgender or not by observation
Trans people seem to be no different from ordinary people. Many trans people do not show significant transgenderness, which means they are not considered trans people by others. You can’t look around in the room to check if there are trans people here. It’s like a person looking around in the room to check if there are gays or lesbians. You should assume that there are trans people at any party.

Don’t ask transgender people about their real name
For some trans people, being associated with their birth name is a huge anxiety, or it’s just a part of the original life they want to leave. Respect the name currently used by transgender people. If you happen to know the name of someone at birth, but he/she is no longer using it, then don’t share the name with others without the explicit permission of the person. Likewise, don’t share photos of pre-transition unless you get their permission.

Figure out the difference between lesbian, gay or bisexual “come out” and transgender “come out”
“Coming out”for other people, such as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, it is often seen as revealing a truth and letting others know that they are really sexual. The LGBT community attaches the importance ??and values ??the idea of ??”coming out” to make everyone happy and complete. When transgender people have transitioned and begin their life with their true self, this is their truth. What everyone is seeing now is what they really look like. Unfortunately, a transgender who reveals to others that he is a transgender is often powerless. Sometimes, when others know that a person is transgender, they no longer think that this person is real, because they have not said from the beginning that they are transgender people. Some people may choose to openly discuss their gender history, let others know their true identity, and make cultural changes, but please don’t take it for granted that transgender people need to disclose that they are transgenders. This decision is entirely up to the decision. For transgender people themselves.

Don’t assume a sexual orientation of a trans person.
Gender identity is different from sexual orientation. Sexual orientation refers to who we appeal to. Gender identity is about our personal feelings as a man or woman. Transgender people can be gay and dating on a gay hookup app, or lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, don’t make arbitrary judgments about the transgender’s sexual orientation.

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