Some Knowledge of Transgender People

Learn the difference between coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual and transgender. As a lesbian, gay or bisexual, coming out normally means that you want other people to know the real you. LBG community thinks highly of the whole coming out. It would make them happy. When transgender people or grindr trans people decide to come out and decide to live as their authentic self, this is their real nature and real self. Unfortunately, when they reveal themselves to the world, many people tend to think of them as “fake”. This is the difference between transgender people and lesbian, single gay men or bisexual persons and even grindr trans people. People think they are “fake” women or men. Some transgender people choose to publicly talk about their gender history and try to expand the knowledge of people and change their perception. Do not question the gender identity of transgender people, because no one knows it better than themselves. All you need to do it respect.

Keep quiet if you know. Some transgender people are very open to their gender identity and they are willing to admit in public that they are transgender people and don’t mind you talking about it, while for most transgender people, they tend to keep it in a low profile. The reality does not treat transgender people so well. There is still serious discrimination against them. Therefore, if you know someone is transgender, please keep quiet to that secret and do not share it to anyone else. It is not your secret to tell. Judging or make groundless assumption about someone you know or don’t know is an action of privacy infringement. It is flagrant and will cause unpredictable consequences to their world. When other people discover their gender identity, they could lose job, house, friends or even their life.

Respect the term they choose to describe themselves. There are lots of terms to describe transgender people, such as transgender, transsexual, non-binary, genderqueer, grindr trans, etc. If they are not sure of their gender identity, please give them time to figure it out. Do not label them with the term you think it is right for them, just like you don’t want other people to do the same on you.

Be patient with transgender people when they are trying to figure out their gender identity and try to be as much supportive as possible. Finding out who they really are is not an easy task. They may have lots of confusions about themselves. They might have an idea one day and change it the other day. Try to be patient and respect the way they want to be addressed.

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