5 Essential gay tips for single gay men and couples

Either you are straight, bi-sexual or gay. Gay dating tips are always essential and mandatory. Especially if you are gay and going out for your first date. There are many essential things that you must know what to do or what not on your first date. If you are bit confused and looking for some tips for your first date, here are some important tips you must follow before or in between your date.

When you both finalizing your date tine and place, make sure that your first date isn’t too long. 2-3 hours will be quite sufficient for first date. Ignore movies on your first date. You have to share many thoughts and ask questions. Movie hall isn’t the best place to talk to each other. A park or a coffee shop is an ideal location for first date.

Whenever or wherever you finalized your first date, make your won’t be late. Be punctual and available on time and stay relaxed. No matter where you are and how many attractive and handsome men are around you. Stay calm and keep focus only on your dating partner you find on gay dating apps such as Grindr, GHunt and GDaddy app. Listen to him carefully. Make eye to eye contact while talking. It helps to create bonding between you too.

Do not use phone calls or do texting when your partner is talking to you. This may considered as you are not listening your partner and disrespecting him. To have a successful date, must share your thoughts and listen to him. Tell him more about yourself and ask as many questions you can ask. This is mandatory to know each other.
While talking to your partner, avoid any controversial topic like sex, past relationship. This may be offensive for your date and after that you both don’t feel comfortable.

Avoid going out to Hotel or Residence
Never convince to go on hotel date, night out or his residence on your first date. Ignore or put down any offer instantly. You hardly know about him, so don’t be any such circumstances.

After Date
When you are all set to say good bye, either your date is super hit or a disaster one. Never blame your partner and be honest about your feeling. If you think that you and your partner isn’t the right match what you are looking for, let him go with a normal bye and smile. Don’t be rude, thank him for his time and appreciate his presence. Gently, give him a hint that you both are not a good match.

If you think, there is some potential and want to meet him again. Share contact number and don’t wait for long. Call him directly after 2-3 days or a week and share you feeling and convey your attraction towards him. But don’t call or text continuously this may frustrate him and might not be interested to meet you again. Hope these tips will work for you and you will be more confident while going out for your first gay dating. Good luck and cheers for dating to be a big success and you may find your Mr. Right by using these tips.